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Invoice Discounting

This type of facility will provide up front cashflow against the outstanding sales ledger of a business, whilst allowing the company to maintain the responsibility of its credit control function. This type of facility is typically confidential, meaning that the borrower’s customer base is usually unaware of the lender’s involvement.[/bliccaThemes_Image_Box]

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Again, the business will receive up front cashflow against the outstanding sales ledger of a business. However, the credit control function is also outsourced to the lender, meaning that they will be responsible for the entire collections function from sending out monthly customer statements and chasing letters to the actual phone calls. As a result of this the customer base of the company will be aware of the lender’s involvement.[/bliccaThemes_Image_Box]

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Asset Based Lending

This is where other types of funding are bolted on to either of the facilities detailed above. This can include lending against stock, plant and machinery or even property.[/bliccaThemes_Image_Box]

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Bad Debt Protection

This can be added to any form of invoice finance facility and will protect a business against the risk of bad debts.[/bliccaThemes_Image_Box]

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